Past Events

8th CARF Special Seminar

Date & Time: February 9 of 2006(Thursday) 16:00-17:40
Location: Classroom #1, B1F of the main Economics Building
Speaker: Mr. Robert D. Arnott
Research Affiliates
Topic: Fundamental Indexation
Speech Title: Do Efficient Markets Preclude an Efficient Market Portfolio?

Speaker's Profile:
- Chairman of Research Affiliates
- Mr. Arnott serves as Editor of the Financial Analysts Journal.
- He graduated summa cum laude from the University of California in 1977 in economics, applied mathematics and computer science.
- In the past, he also served as a Visiting Professor of Finance at UCLA, on the editorial board of the Journal of Portfolio Management and two other journals, and on the product advisory board of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and two other exchanges. He previously developed quantitative asset management products and teams as President of TSA Capital Management (now Analytic Investors) and as Vice President at The Boston Company (now PanAgora), and served as global equity strategist at Salomon (now Salomon Smith Barney).
- He has authored more than seventy articles for journals such as the Financial Analysts Journal, the Journal of Portfolio Management and the Harvard Business Review.