Past Events

53rd CARF Special Seminar

Date & Time: January 11 of 2011(Tuesday) 17:30-19:00
Location: *Note: The venue has been changed.
Before: Classroom #1, B1F of Economics Research Building
After: Conference room, 2F of Economics Research Annex (Kojima Hall)
Speaker: Professor Yoshiro Miwa
Center for Advanced Research in Finance,
Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo
Speech Title: The Reality of Further Increase in the "Independence of Firms from Banks" and the "Financial Crisis" (Fiasco): A Study of Financial Behavior of Japanese Firms with Firm-Level Data from the "Corporate Enterprise Quarterly Statistics" --1994-2009

Speaker's Profile:
Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo. Received his Doctoral Degree from the Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo. After serving as Associate Professor at Shinshu University, started as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo, was then promoted to Professor and become Professor at the Graduate School of Economics in 1996.
Professor Miwa's research fields include Industrial Organization, Economics of Regulation, Corporate Governance, and Law and Economics. He has been working on such issues as 1) desirable roles of the government in today's market economies, 2) legal systems related to organizations and trades, among which particular focus has been placed upon corporate law, and 3) the relationship between the Japanese capital market and the corporate governance system of Japanese firms, and desirable financial regulations.

* Main handout CARF-J-063 (CIRJE-J-222) is available at this website: