University of Tokyo Contemporary Accounting Forum


The Contemporary Accounting Forum was established as a venue for members of the research project on “IFRS and the Japanese Accounting System” to present and discuss their research. In addition to sharing their knowledge and ideas at the forum, participating members regularly exchange information with each other through mailing lists.

Presenting one’s research, receiving comments, and taking those comments on board is an important part of honing one’s research skills and analytical ability. On the other hand, listening to presentations and making constructive comments forms a key part of sharpening one’s power of comprehension and critical ability. This forum aims to provide a venue for researchers to engage in such exchanges.

To ensure that the presentations produce more than simple research notes, we aim to publish them as working papers and journal articles. Moreover, the forum provides a venue to discover and nurture promising young researchers and allows them to learn about existing research in the field through guidance and constant exposure to the latest analytical tools and methods.

Members (as of 2017)

Waseda University

Kenichi Akiba

Musashi University

Eiko Arata

Kyushu University

Keiichi Oishi

Yamaguchi University

Takako Okada

Kanagawa University

Jumpei Ogawa

Yokohama National University

Akihisa Kimura

Kyoto University

Masaki Kusano

Osaka University

Tatsushi Yamamoto

The University of Tokyo

Takashi Obinata

The University of Tokyo

Akinobu Shuto

The University of Tokyo

Masaki Yoneyama