場所:東京大学経済学研究科棟 地下1階 第1教室
スピーカー:Bruno Solnik 教授
フランス国民栄誉賞(Legion d'honneur)受賞(2005年)
演題:Optimal Currency Hedging: Traditional and Behavioral

Dr. SOLNIK is professor of Finance at HEC-School of Management in France. He holds an Engineer degree from Polytechnique in Paris and a PhD from MIT. He was on the faculty of the Stanford Business school before joining HEC. He is a former President of the European Finance Association.
Professor SOLNIK has served on the Council for Education and Research of the AIMR. He has received many prizes, including a 1994 Graham & Dodd award by the Financial Analysts Journal, The "Finance Award of the Year" at the 1998 Interlaken Finance Symposium, and the Nicholas Molodovsky Award, presented by the AIMR Board of Governors on May 22, 1999. In 2005 Professor Solnik was appointed to the Legion d'honneur (Legion of Honor) by the President of France.

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