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スピーカー:Anat Admati 教授
George G.C. Parker Professor of Finance and Economics
Graduate School of Business
Stanford University
演題:Increased Liability Equity: A Proposal to Improve the Capital Requirement of Large Financial Institutions

Anat Admati is a financial economist who has written primarily on issues related to information in financial markets. Her research has explored a broad set of issues such as trading mechanisms and trading patterns, direct and indirect information markets, contracting issues in venture capital and in portfolio management contexts, performance measurement, the regulation of disclosure, and large shareholder activism. Her current research interests are related to corporate governance.

Professor Admati received her BS in mathematics and statistics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and her PhD from Yale University. She is the recipient of a Sloan Research Fellowship, a Batterymarch Fellowship, and multiple research grants, and she was recently elected fellow of the Econometric Society. Professor Admati has served as a board member of the American Finance Association and in a number of editorial positions. She is currently an associate editor of the Journal of Finance and an advisory editor of the Journal of Financial Markets. She is also a board member of the Rock Center for Corporate Governance of the Stanford Law School, and of Stanford Hillel.