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About CARF
CARF offers the following features:
  • Research that Emphasizes Economics as a Discipline

    The research at CARF covers a broad range of areas, including: stocks, bonds, derivatives, currencies, pension and insurance products, asset price theory of real estate, portfolio management, risk management, investor behavior, analysis of financial transaction systems and financial systems design, financial instruments design, corporate finance strategy, accounting information and enterprise valuation, corporate governance, securitization, economic analysis of financial regulations, macroeconomic policy, international finance and monetary policy.
    Although individual approaches exist for each research area, CARF promotes research that recognizes the importance of economics as a discipline that penetrates every field. Not only do we emphasize sophisticated mathematics and statistical methods, but we also pursue research based on the fundamental significance of financial economics, which represents a cutting-edge area of microeconomics. Accordingly, our research in areas such as macroeconomic policy, international finance, economic analysis of financial law and economic analysis of accounting information is pursued with careful balance.

  • An International and Intellectually Stimulating Financial Research Center

    Leading researchers from around the world will be invited to CARF in various capacities. We will strive to realize an intellectually stimulating research center by deepening research exchanges with top universities and research institutes throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. In addition, the center will strive to enhance the systems supporting our research. We will maintain well-developed computer system, , databases and environment and applications, and research facilities, such as experimental finance installations.

  • Promotion and Publication of Research Conducted in Cooperation with Governmental Research Institutes, and Industrial and Financial Partners

    CARF will invite practitioners and researchers from industry and finance, as well as from governmental research institutes, in an effort to promote cooperative research projects. The themes of such cooperative research projects will range from practical issues that financial organizations face, such as asset management techniques, financial product development and risk management, to financial policy issues, such as macro financial policy, financial regulation assessment, trading system design and financial system design. The center plans to present research findings through a wide variety of means, including research papers, regular workshops and special seminars, international forums and the Internet.

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