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Tue, Nov 15, 2022

Conference on Innovation & Productivity in the aftermath of the pandemic

In the last few years, the ADBI has provided support and hosted conferences (see for instance the last on September 2020), aimed at fostering an adequate micro data infrastructure in Asia for research and policy use on productivity enhancement. The COVID-19 epidemic and the associated acceleration in the pace of digitalization and innovation, had provided further motivation for analysing granular information at the firm level. Firms are required to adapt to the new standards and procedures in order to survive. Now that we are entering a post-pandemic world, business models and working environment may not be the same as they were before COVID-19. How do the changes and innovation affect productivity in this new setting? What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with R&D-intensive firms? How different is the pace of innovation among countries and regions? This conference aims at providing responses to such issues relying on innovative firm level datasets both for Asia and Europe.

Date and Time

November 15th, 2022, starting at 9 am (GMT+9)


Seminar Room 3, 2nd floor of Economics of the Economics Research Annex (Kojima Hall)
(Online and Onsite Hybrid Meeting)


CompNet(The Competitiveness Research Network)
Hitotsubashi University
International Monetary Fund
Center for Advanced Research in Finance, The University of Tokyo (CARF)


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