Conference / Symposium

Fri, Jun 7, 2024

【Policy Panel】Fiscal Policy and Sovereign Debt (IMF-CARF-TCER-WASEDA UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE)

Date and Time

Friday, June 7, 2024  03:50pm – 05:00pm


FUKUTAKE Learning Theater, B2F of Fukutake Hall (will be held Hybrid)

*Updated on 5/27. Webinar Live Streaming will be available too.


How to Participate and Register

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*We are looking forward to seeing many participants, including students and working adults.

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【Academic Conference】 Fiscal Policy and Sovereign Debt (IMF-CARF-TCER-WASEDA UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE)

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Vitor Gaspar (Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF)


Junko Koeda (Waseda University)
Fernanda Nechio (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Luiz Awazu Pereira (University of Tokyo; former Bank for International Settlements)
Tomoko Hayashi (Director-General of Economic Research Bureau, Cabinet Office; Chief Economist of Government)


03:50 pm – 04:30 pm

Panel discussion

04:30 pm – 04:45 pm

Student Q&A session

04:45 pm – 05:00 pm

Floor Q&A session

06:30 pm – 08:30 pm Dinner (invitation only: Tokyo Dome Hotel, Tankuma)

Conference organizers: Era Dabla-Norris, Carlos Goncalves, Alexandra Solovyeva, and Kenichi Ueda (CARF, University of Tokyo).